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Concast Steel Bloom


1. Description of goods: continuous steel bloom

1. 货物描述:连铸矩形坯

2. Quality of goods: S45C
  2. 货物材质:S45C
Chemical analyses, %mass:   化学成份(%):
C: 0.42-0.48; Si: 0.15-0.35; Mn: 0.60-0.90; P≤0.030; S ≤0.030; Cu≤0.30; Cr≤0.30; Ni≤0.30   C: 0.42-0.48; Si: 0.15-0.35; Mn: 0.60-0.90; P≤0.030; S ≤0.030; Cu≤0.30; Cr≤0.30; Ni≤0.30
3. Size:   3. 尺寸:
300×400mm   300×400mm
Length: 4500mm +/- 100 mm   长度:4500mm +/- 100mm
In 5% of the total quantity it is allowed to deliver   交货总量的5%, 其长度可为
blooms in length starting from 3.8m upto 4.8m   3.8米—4.8米
Tolerances:   公差:
On size: +/- 10 mm   尺寸公差:+/- 10 mm
On length: +/- 100 mm   长度公差:+/- 100 mm
Twist: max 2 degrees per 1 m of length   扭曲:长度方向每一米最大扭曲度为2度
Difference in diagonals: max 13 mm   坯料截面对角线的最大不同长度≤13mm
Straightness: max 1% on total length   平直度:最大值为总长度的1%
Comer radius: max 25 mm   边角圆半径:最大为25mm
Unsquareness of end cut: max 15mm  


In 15% of the total quantity the traces of the gas-  

允许有总量15%的坯料氧割痕迹, 其深

-oxigen cutter in the form of strips (flat cavities)   度不超过20mm, (但尽量降低其百分量)。
with the depth not more than 20mm are allowed on    
the butt-ends of the blooms (however,the qua-    
-ntity of such blooms should be minimal).    
3.1 Macro structure and mechanical properties are not  


3.2 Surface quality:  


100% of material are subject visual control to prevent   100%的坯料表面质量都经目测检查,避
the availability on the surface of blooms such defects  


as flashes, affluences, slivers, cracks.  


Shrinkage cavities without accompanying them cracks,   坯料表面的气孔(不连续呈裂缝状)
traces because of the swing of the cristallizer, separate   和单独凹坑,其最大深度在2mm内
grooves with the depth of 2.0 mm max are not the    

reasons to reject the material.

Separate slag inclusions in size of 3.0mm max, small  

最大尺寸为3mm的单独夹杂, 最大深度为2mm,

Surface blisters with the depth of 2.0mm max are allowed.   较小的表面气泡或结疤, 可作为交货条件。
Atmospheric rust on the surface of the bloom is allowed.   坯料表面自然氧化锈可作为交货条件。

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