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Steel wire


A list of types and dimensions of cold-drawn wire produced by RUE “BMZ” includes:


-Low-carbon general-purpose wire diameter 1.0 to 5.5 mm in accordance with GOST 3282-74;   

-符合 GOST 3283-74标准的直径为1.0-5.5mm的低碳通用钢丝

-High-carbon spring wire diameter 0.8 to 5.0 mm in accordance with GOST 9389-75; 

-符合 GOST 9389-75标准的直径为 0.8-5.0mm高碳素弹簧钢丝

-Weld wire made of steel grade Cв-08ГА, Св-08ГС, Св-08Г2С diameter 0.8 5.0 mm in accordance with ТУ РБ 400074854.007-2001; 

-符合 TU RB 400074854.007-2001标准Св-08ГА, Св-08ГС, Св-08Г2С等级的直径为0 .8-5.0mm焊丝

-Low-carbon reinforcing wire diameter 3.0 to 5.0 mm in accordance with TU RB 04778771-006-95; 

-符合TU RB 04778771-006-95标准的直径为3.0-5.0mm低碳增强钢丝

-Mesh wire diameter 1.20 to 3.15 mm made of carbon steel in accordance with TU RB 4000774854.016-2002; 

-符合 TU RB 400074854.016-2002标准的直径为1.20-3 .15mm的碳钢制丝网钢丝

-Structural steel wire diameter 1.0 to 1.8 mm for staples in accordance with TU RB 400074854.018-2202; 

-符合TU RB 400074854.018-2002标准的直径为1.0-1.8mm制钉用结构钢丝

-Carbon steel wire diameter 1.6 to 5.0 mm for nails in accordance with TU RB 400074854.028-2002; 

-符合TU RB 400074854.028-2002标准的直径为1.6-5.0mm制钉用碳钢丝

-Carbon steel wire diameter 2.0 to 3.5 mm for spokes in accordance with TU RB 04778771.012-98; 

-符合TU RB 04778771.012-98标准的直径为2.0-3.5mm用于轴条的碳素钢丝

-Low-carbon galvanized wire diameter 1.0 mm for muzzle in accordance with TU RB 04778771.051-98; 

-符合TU RB 04778771.051-98标准直径为1.0mm用于防护的低碳镀锌钢丝

-Cold-drawn wire diameter 3, 4 and 5 mm made of low-carbon rolled section class Bp-1 according to GOST 6727-80 and round section class B-1 according to TU RB 04778771-006-95 for reinforcement of concrete structures.

-符合 GOST 6727-80标准Bp-1等级和符合TU RB 04778771-006-95标准B-1等级的直径为3 , 4, 5mm的以低碳圆钢轧制的用于加筋混凝土结构的冷拉钢丝。

Wire is supplied both in coils (general-purpose wire, reinforcing and nail wire) and on spools with flange diameter 800 and 1000 mm.

我们提供卷 通用钢丝,加强钢丝,制钉钢丝)和以8001000mm法兰盘直径的工字轮包装的钢丝。


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